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With over 5,000 satisfied customers from our TV wall mounts services, iInstall has the experience and professional touch needed to get your TV installed and wall mounted the right way.

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The benefits of getting your TV wall mounted

Free up more space

Home theatre wall plates and TV wall mounts will free up storage space on your entertainment unit, creating valuable space on your TV unit. Or you could remove the TV unit entirely to create a sleek, clean, modern look. Our technicians can provide valuable insights and advice on what layout and format would be best suited to your room or area.

Better performance for viewing pleasure

Find the optimum viewing position in your TV or entertainment room by using a tilted, or swing arm articulated wall mount bracket. This flexible structure provides an agile setting to accommodate a suitable viewing platform based on the number of guests in the room, seating position and viewing angle. Ensure you are getting the most out of your TV installation by talking with our expert iInstall technicians for any home theatre and TV wall mount installation.

Improved safety measures - Protect your TV from accidental breakages

TV wall mount installation is the smartest way to protect your TV from accidental bumping or tipping of liquids on the device. It also acts as a theft deterrent for home breakins, as the intruder will struggle to disconnect and walk out with your TV if mounted to the wall or swivel brackets. There are also many recorded cases of injury due to TV’s being pulled over by children, or accidental falls causing foot injuries and worse. What better reason to have your TV professionally wall mounted by our audio visual experts.

Enjor more, for less!

Don't wait any longer, get in touch with us for a quality home theatre wall plate or TV wall mounting service. Both services and expert advice available at affordable prices.

There is no job too big, area too awkward and weight too heavy that we can't finish! Be satisfied knowing your in good hands.

100% money back guarantee

To show that we are truly confident in our service, we offer all clients a 100% money back guarantee if you're not happy with the services we provide. With over 5,000 satisfied customers from our TV wall mounts, we know you will be happy with our services.

We have dedicated and trained TV installation specialists across Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Sydney areas.

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